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Semi Sweet Red Wines

  • Autumn Photo
    An intense aromatic red Muscadine wine that will surprise you with its warm body and rich complexity. The intense fruitiness of this enticing wine creates a lasting impression on the palate and the memory. Swirl to the view of a crimson autumn sunset or match with cream sauce dishes, cheeses or heavy hors d’oeuvres.
  • Sundown Photo

    A fresh and lively semi-sweet red Muscadine wine that will set your taste buds dancing. Its deep ruby color and mouthwatering aroma compel each sip to beg for the next. Not too dry, not too sweet, this wine is truly the natural expression of the grapes themselves. Partners with anything by candlelight.


  • Sunburnt Boys Photo
    Sunburnt Boys

    Winding through the peaceful vineyards of our estate, the Lumbee River delicately effects the grapes, giving them a distinct flavor that can only be discovered here. This Luscious and rich red is second in homage to the cool Lumbee waters. This red wine bursts with notes of blueberries and zesty citrus with a light prickle that gives it a grapefruit like finish. Pairs well with prosciutto and salami.