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Dry White Wines

  • Christina's Mag Estate Photo
    Christina's Mag Estate

    A passionate dry white Muscadine wine with an incredibly rewarding mouth feel. Citrus overtones mix with the delicate and unforgettable flavor of the Magnolia grape to create the ultimate wine experience. Very soft and approachable, this exceptional wine partners well with poultry, fish, or pork.

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  • Riverton Estate Photo
    Riverton Estate

    A dry white premium Muscadine wine with beautiful balance and an abundance of fruitiness to keep its rich character fresh and lively. Its bright full aromas, characteristic of carefully selected grapes, bend to a full round palate and a velvet finish. The perfect partner for fish or poultry.

  • Livy Estate Photo
    Livy Estate

    A semidry white Muscadine wine, bold of nose and taste, which eloquently captures what the grape has to say without any fancy clothes. It retains the crisp touch, lightness and zesty aromas that have become the hallmark of Cypress Bend Vineyards wines. Pairs expressively with white meat or hors d’oeuvres.