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Cypress Bend Vineyards Online Wine Shop

  • Dry White Wines

    • Christina's Mag Estate Photo
      Christina's Mag Estate

      A passionate dry white Muscadine wine with an incredibly rewarding mouth feel. Citrus overtones mix with the delicate and unforgettable flavor of the Magnolia grape to create the ultimate wine experience. Very soft and approachable, this exceptional wine partners well with poultry, fish, or pork.

    • Riverton Estate Photo
      Riverton Estate

      A dry white premium Muscadine wine with beautiful balance and an abundance of fruitiness to keep its rich character fresh and lively. Its bright full aromas, characteristic of carefully selected grapes, bend to a full round palate and a velvet finish. The perfect partner for fish or poultry.

    • Livy Estate Photo
      Livy Estate

      A semidry white Muscadine wine, bold of nose and taste, which eloquently captures what the grape has to say without any fancy clothes. It retains the crisp touch, lightness and zesty aromas that have become the hallmark of Cypress Bend Vineyards wines. Pairs expressively with white meat or hors d’oeuvres.

  • Dry Red Wines

    • Cabernet Sauvingon 2018 Photo
      Cabernet Sauvingon 2018

      Dry Red Wine from North Carolina's finest Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes. Its classic black pepper aroma and red currant flavor with hints of chocolate and vanilla will delight your fantasies. Partner this wine with beef or lamb and settle back for an ever so slightly smoky finish.

    • Malbec 2018 Photo
      Malbec 2018

      A dry red wine from North Carolina's finest Malbec grapes.  Its lush and pure aromas of blueberry carry through a creamy middle palate to a subtle but noteworth finish. Partner this wine with beef, lamb or fine cheese.


  • Semi Sweet White Wines

    • Catherine Photo

      A full bodied semi-sweet white Muscadine wine that captures the essence of the grape itself. Its overt fruitiness, robust aroma, and bold taste demand a place at any table where southern hospitality is considered the standard. Your imagination will serve you well when finding a partner for this wine.

    • Isabel Photo

      A beautifully balanced semi-sweet white Muscadine wine that floods your palate with unadulterated pleasure. Nothing timid about this wine! Experience the unforgettable and full bodied taste of the Magnolia grape--Cypress Bend Vineyards style. Enjoy this unique wine with salads, appetizers, and semi-soft cheeses.

    • To-Morrow Photo

      Our deep-rooted family traditions have carried us to today, as we celebrate our 5th Anniversary. The work of the poet John Charles McNeill has once again captured the celebratory essence of tradition, history, and "To-Morrow." Awaken your senses with the true flavors and rich aromatics of the Muscadine grape as you enjoy this sweet white wine. In the spirit of celebrating all things sweet and divine, we dedicate this wine to all of our tomorrows!

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  • Sweet White Wines

    • McNeill Photo

      A classic southern white Muscadine wine. Sweet, yet bright and crisp, with a tantalizing Scuppernong aroma. The intense Carlos varietals’ character is brilliantly expressed by our unique winemaking process allowing the true fruit to shine through. Leaves a lasting impression on the palate. Pairs well with anything southern.

    • A Sweetheart Stream Photo
      A Sweetheart Stream

      Float down a prickling pineapple and mango infused wine creation that is as decadent as it is exhilarating. Pairs well with coconut cake, chilled melon balls or creamy cheeses

  • Semi Sweet Red Wines

    • Autumn Photo
      An aromatic red Muscadine wine that will surprise you with its warm body and rich complexity. The intense fruitiness of this enticing wine creates a lasting impression on the palate and the memory. Swirl to the view of a crimson autumn sunset or match with cream sauce dishes, cheeses or heavy hors d’oeuvres.
    • Sundown Photo

      A fresh and lively semi-sweet red Muscadine wine that will set your taste buds dancing. Its deep ruby color and mouthwatering aroma compel each sip to beg for the next. Not too dry, not too sweet, this wine is truly the natural expression of the grapes themselves. Partners with anything by candlelight.


    • Noble Rose Photo
      Noble Rose

      This very special limited-edition Rosé is made solely of perfectly ripe Noble grapes that were harvested early in the morning and pressed off after a 3-hour soak on the skins. 


      The result is a wine that exhibits the light strawberry note that many Rosé wines have in common that sits in the front palate, with a racy acidity that finishes softly. 


      Pair this wine with a soft creamy camembert and thin slivers of Iberian ham. 

  • Sweet Red Wines

    • Campbell Photo

      A classic southern red Muscadine wine. Rich, warm, and generous in character, this full bodied classic will grip your palate with luscious flavors of cherry and blackberry. It bursts out of the glass with a pleasant zip of acidity and swirls to an illusively velvet finish. A beguiling sipper or match with light hors d’ouevres or cheeses.

    • Holly Berry Red Photo
      Holly Berry Red

      This classic holiday wine displays an elegant, fruity bouquet and deliciously zesty taste. To the palate it brings a pleasant sweetness and festive finish. At its best served chilled and steeped in tradition. Available only in October, November, and December.

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  • Blush Wines

    • Roseneath Photo

      A uniquely North Carolina treat to be savored fully chilled. Literally bursting with flavors of citrus and sweet plum, this blush favorite displays a delightful light ruby hue and a refreshing taste that make it particularly enjoyable on a summer afternoon. Delightful with light or spicy dishes or as a palate cleansing sorbet.